When you are looking for Placer County, Sacramento County, or El Dorado County Luxury Real Estate, It's worth it to you to use a Realtor that offers more than one service!

We offer a Luxury Real Estate service that nobody else can, and at no extra charge to you.

Brenda Brown Luxury Homes will ensure you buy the right property that fits your style or need. As an Interior Designer, she is totally involved when you are buying or selling your property.

Brenda will assess the property before her clients purchase. Her clients want to know the advantages or
disadvantages of the floor plan and structure before a decision is made - this is at no cost to you. When looking at comparable properties the condition of each property needs to be reviewed for accurate current value and remodeling requirements to meet your style of living. Everyone wants a good estimate of work needed, and if it can be done.

When selling your home, it needs to be shown with these same thoughts in mine. Presentation is very valuable because others have a hard time visualizing the potential of your home. Brenda is determined to present all properties as beautifully as possible within a budget.

So, you might say we are a realtor plus (Architect & Interior Design) firm. All these services are at no cost to you. Here, you can see some of Brenda's Work.

Please call Brenda Brown Luxury Homes and Interiors at 916.517.2300 or Email:
[email protected] for any questions you might have before you take action.

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