Real Estate Trends 2014 Los Lagos, Granite Bay, CA

Real Estate Trends 2014 — Los Lagos,
Granite Bay
This is to bring investors up to date with the latest market developments in Los Lagos, one of the crown
jewels in the Granite Bay area.
Summary Results
Los Lagos is offering both buyers and sellers profitable deals.
Los Lagos is boasting high average sale price for its homes, offering a good valuation for home sellers in
the form of a high sale-price to average-home-price ratio compared to the local and regional averages
for sale price and home pricing. Though the Los Lagos region has a low rate for new listings for the past
six months, it has the highest for-sale percentage in the region.
High Average Home Prices with Nothing to Foreclose
Los Lagos is boasting an average sale price of $ 1,156,583, an average home pricing of 1,371,600, and
zero foreclosures in its region. Currently, the average home price is 18.6% lower than the average selling
price of the homes, a good valuation for home sellers who can spend more time getting their homes in
shape for staging and entertaining (plausibly) multiple offers.
Compared to the average price in its immediate zone of Granite Bay and the Californian real estate
landscape in general, the Los Lagos region has fared exceptionally well. The average home price listing
of $1,371,600 is in stark contrast with $964,684 for Granite Bay, and $333,164 for California.
Los Lagos is giving buyers a tough time for now as it is averaging 9% new listings compared to 21% for
Granite Bay and 16% for California. But on average, 6% of all homes are up for sale compared to 2% in
Granite bay area and 2% in California, and offers a high ratio of closing deals during the past 6 months
(3% compared to 2% for GB and 1% California).
Add to this the fact that Los Lagos offers a remarkably high average sale price for homes ($1,156,583)
compared to GB and California ($712,986 and $492,084 respectively).
Lagging in Square Foots
Realtor estimates (according to the sales data from the past 6 months) indicate that the average square
foot price for real estate stands at $202. This is comparable to the $218 square foot real estate price for
Granite Bay, but in stark contrast to the Californian average of $273/sq.ft — a 26% decrease in pricing. Los Lagos for Buyers
Los Lagos offers a rich communal lifestyle, as more than 98% of the households have married couples,
which is 25% higher than the ratio in Sacramento region. Furthermore, 55% of Los Lagos’s population
constitutes of long term residents who have lived in their homes for more than 5 years.
The demographic layout of the region offers profitable investments for prospective investors in the long
run as last year showed a 12% influx in Los Lagos’s population.
Furthermore, Granite Bay is 50% below the national average for crime rates, 38% below the Placer
County average for property crime, and offers a safe real estate investment for buyers.
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